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Put over 150 NEXRAD Doppler radars in your pocket.

RadarScope is a specialized display utility for weather enthusiasts that allows you to browse NOAA's public NEXRAD Level 3 data feed.  It can display the latest base reflectivity, base velocity, storm relative velocity and more data from any NEXRAD radar site in the United States (now including Alaska and Hawaii), Guam, and Puerto Rico.

These aren't smoothed PNG or GIF images, this is real Level 3 radar data rendered in its original radial format for a high level of detail.

Whether you are scanning reflectivity for a mesocyclone's tell-tale hook echo, trying to pinpoint the landfall of a hurricane's eye wall, or looking for small features like velocity couplets in the radial velocity product, RadarScope gives you the power to view radial NEXRAD weather radar on your iOS device.

Pinch or stretch to zoom in and out. Drag your finger around the map to scroll. Tap the radar sweep button in the toolbar to switch radars. Select one of the more than 140 different radar sites, with the rotating radar beam representing each radar's approximate coverage area. Plot your current position by tapping the location button. Tap the loop button to download and animate over the last six images. Display the names of over 25,000 cities and towns on the map as you zoom and scroll. Tap and hold the color legend to see the data values.

Meanwhile, RadarScope will retrieve and display updated data automatically (approximately every 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the radar scan strategy).  NEXRAD radar data are obtained from a public access web site operated by NOAA's National Weather Service.

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